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5 Seconds of Summer + Underwater

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5SOS in Tiger Beat Magazine September 2014 -Kelly :) xx

"Luke would fall hard for your American accent" 

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how I measure time

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July 26, 2014 - LA [x]

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Birthday fun with some hookah :P

Big ass Ships


bc its the 4th of july/independence day tomorrow yay :-)

You Must

  • be following me and my shared blog 
  • reblog (you can like to bookmark)
  • have a face page pretty pls
  • ship me/ send me wyr/fmk/this or that/anything

You’ll get

  • Ship+why
  • best friend in band+why
  • random pickup line (bc michael inspired me)
  • random song
  • chibi
  • fansign#1  or #2  (tell me which one)
  • ship name 
  • blog rate/10

i’ll only do these if i get enough notes and if i get no notes this never happened sorry im annoying oops

Look at dem bubbles

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