I think I just reserved a penthouse in Hell for myself thanks to this preference. Things got very long and very filthy very fast. Forgive me,Father. THIS IS SMUT. ONLY READ IF YOU WANT TO AND ARE OLD ENOUGH TO. THESE ARE ALSO VERY LONG. IT ALL HAPPENED SO FAST. FILTHY FRIDAYS WERE A BAD IDEA.


You weren’t there to see him. You had stopped by the studio on your way home from work for Luke and Calum just couldn’t wrap his mind around that. You were his friend, his benefit, your ass was his stress ball, your body his playground with an exceptional set of monkey bars in he form of your perky breasts. He didn’t remember ever inviting Luke on a play date. Calum didn’t even think you and alike had been properly introduced the nights you came around to pick up Calum drunk after a party and take him home to dance in the sheets with.

"Are you fucking Luke?" Coming over to your apartment after, Calum followed you around your place as you tidied up, on your back like a pirate’s parrot.

"No." Amused by the blunt question, you smiled at how frustrated Calum’s voice was. His face had appeared confused and angry, an uneven combination, when you showed up at the recording studio earlier, dropping off a parcel for him and refusing to answer what it was to the others.

"You came by to see him …"

"I know, I was there." Bending over to slide a handful of folded towels into the bottom shelf of your closet, you laughed.

"When did you two become friends?" His questions sounded so urgent, demands with short deadlines.

"I don’t know if we’re friends. We just started texting last week."

"He asked for your number?!" Calum was outraged. Where was Luke’s sense of bro code? Calum might not have shared with his band mates that you two had a casual fling that didn’t extend off a mattress generally, but they knew you were his friend and Calum felt like Luke his house have asked him if it was okay to get your number first.

"Yes." You spun around and shut the closet door with your barefoot behind you. "When I picked you up from Pharaoh’s on Saturday you were so out if it, he asked me to text him so he knew you didn’t die on the way home." Holding your knuckles to your hips, you explained, pressing the black band of your leggings even closer to your waist. Calum loved the look of your lower half in the spandex material. It was a museum worthy masterpiece to his round eyes.

"What a line." Calum rolled his eyes back, not sure if he trusted your story to be as innocent as it sounded. "He probably wants to fuck you." He claimed as you began to move by him again, back to the hamper of fresh clothes in your living room.

"Well I’m not your girlfriend so I don’t think that’s a big deal."

You sat down at the edge of the couch cushion, the hamper by your feet, and reached in to begin folding a t shirt that could have been yours or your roommates. Hell, it could have been Calum’s.

"You would fuck us both?" Calum had taken a detour through your tiny kitchen nook and merged with his hand inside a bag of Mini Oreo’s, helping himself to handfuls. Even with his mouth full, his disdain for the idea of Luke sleeping with you too was as evident as his hunger.

"I don’t know…" You truly hadn’t given it any thought at all. "It wouldn’t be your business if I did."

"Fuck yeah, it would be!" Calum argued. "I don’t want to taste Luke’s dick when I kiss you!" He had been just about to sit down on the recliner across from you, but stayed standing, too disgusted to bend his knees.

"You’re being ridiculous." Folding clothes over your lap, you commented plainly. At first, you were vaguely amused by Calum’s questions and how uncomfortable he was, but now he was just being annoying. "Have you forgotten that I asked you out and you said, and I quote, ‘Can’t we just keep fucking?’" Ringing bells in his brain, you reminded him with a smooth raise of your brows.

Calum swallowed another few tiny cookie sandwiches along with his regrets. He had said that, overlooking how much you wanted a relationship with him in order to keep his dick wet. That had been half a year ago though and Calum had found himself feeling a lot different now. It took you giving Luke a few minutes of special attention to realize that he wanted you to himself. He didn’t want to share and he was willing to stop playing the field to have you to himself if that’s what it took.

He had no response and gave into your confident smirk. He finally leaned into the recliner and gave up the cookies to watch television, turning it on and flipping the channel right away, while you worked on your laundry. While the two of you worked well as friends with benefits, you were friends first and you enjoyed quiet moments with Calum where you could just hang out with one another, clothed and without any agenda. Well, you didn’t have an agenda.

“What was in the bag?” As a commercial came on, interrupting the game show, Calum threw his head and watched you, a pair of his underwear being folded in your hands.


“The bag you brought Luke. What was in it?”

“None of your business!” Frowning at him, you felt like you had said that a dozen times when you were at the studio.

“Come on, tell me….” He pouted, jetting out his bottom lip and squinting at you, his large eyes never seeming small.

“It was a bunch of naked photos of me.” You nodded vigorously, teasing him with a bright smile before rolling your eyes.

“Fine.” Calum reached down for the bag of cookies he had left on the floor by his chair and went back to eating his emotions.

Steve Harvey appeared back on the screen, resuming the less than intense round of Family Feud, but out of the corner of his eye, Calum watched you stand up from the couch and put all your laundry back into the basket, folded, then leave to your bedroom to put it away. He tip toed behind you slowly, coming into the bedroom just as you were bending over to put your washed jeans into the bottom drawer, your spandex covering bum in the air just as he liked it.

You didn’t even flinch at the feeling of both his generous palms, used to it by now, the way his fingers leaned in and his knuckles pushed out, firmly giving your hips a hug. You could almost sense his smirk behind you as you slowly stood up tall.

“I don’t want you to fuck Luke.” He hadn’t said it in so many words before, but you had already received that message. “I don’t want you to even think of him like that.” Luke Hemmings was one of his best friends, but he wasn’t about to give him some of his favorite candy. Not when you tasted savory and sweet at the same time, a perfect gumdrop in his mouth.

You turned to face him, your back against the wooden dresser. Calum wasted no time putting his hands right back on your ass, reaching around your hips and pushing his own to align them, “So you want me all to yourself now?” In a whisper, you asked with your eyes concentrated on his freshly licked lips. He had many great features, but you were a sucker for his mouth except when he was running it like a broken faucet.

“Maybe I do.” He pointed his chin at the center of your face, sucking in his cheeks as he bit down on his gums. It was a hard task, swallowing his pride whole like a handful of Mini Oreo’s. He tried to seem tough about it, like it was no big deal, but internally, Calum was soft nogut. He wanted you completely and he felt vulnerable making that known.

He tiled his head to the side slightly, opening up his lips and relaxing his face as he leaned in to kiss you, an activity he enjoyed, but often overindulged in. Sometimes, he thought it would be easier to just stay friends with benefits if he didn’t kiss you, but you were always bringing your mouth up to nibble on his bottom lip or massage his tongue with your own. He wasn’t going to complain, it felt nice to be connected.

Your hands went underneath his shirt, sliding up his back and feeling the warmth of his tanned skin in your palms as the sound of his lips sucking on yours surrounded you both. Calum pulled down the back of your leggings, your bum revealed as he took your thong down with it, and he grabbed your butt with greed, kneading your cheeks together and moaning as he reveled in how good it felt, plush and soft in his grip.

“Turn around.” Calum spoke into your mouth, his forehead knocked against yours as he swallowed hard, a lump in his throat matching the one in his tight black jeans. You undraped your arm from behind his neck and moved slowly, gripping the dresser’s edge once you were facing it. Calum’s gaze went down and he watched you move your bare behind back and forth effortlessly at a snail’s pace, taunting him, but giving him a wonderful memory to tap into when he was alone and horny.  Instead of groping at your bum again, Calum spread your cheeks apart, giving himself the grand view of both your pink slit and the winking hole he often tried to sneak into only to be slapped away by your hand, taking it off of his neck generally in order to move him away. He was determined to conquer it one day. He would just about to lose his mind if anyone, including Luke, got there before he did.

“Maybe, today we could…” Calum’s thumb pushed ever so gently against the round ring as he leaned over your back, the material of his shirt like a bed sheet as he whispered into your ears, but you shook your head as you had your ass. “Alright..” He had begged before only to make you very angry, so he didn’t push his luck. Calum stood back up and moved his hands to fully pull your pants down, bringing them to your ankles before he slouched down on his knees and licked at your entrance with his face right under your curved cheeks. “You always taste like lemonade…” He moaned beneath you as he stopped for a breath. He was making you so warm between your legs, but it sent chills right up your spine, your hands moving down your body and feeling yourself as you knew he would. You never quite understood the song, ‘You Make Me Feel [Natural Woman]” until you and Calum started to fool around with one another. You never felt more okay with yourself than when Calum’s hands were all over you, exploring your body like the wonderland it was. His hands slid up your legs, pushing your shirt upward to your neck, prompting you to toss it off completely. He wasn’t just lapping at you like sweet cream anymore, he was defining the term ‘eating out’, making loud slop noises as he opened his mouth and closed it in big breaths, sucking on your lips and then poking his tongue in to wiggle it around like a snake’s tongue. He couldn’t get enough of your taste, refreshing on a summer’s day.

“Calum…” You whispered, heading hanging down with hair around you like a cascading waterfall. “Fuck me against this dresser.” It was much of a demand as his questions had been earlier if not more so. You didn’t sound strict as your teeth were chattering from how good he made you feel.

“You want it from behind?” He asked rhetorically, undoing the zipper of his jeans before he was even standing up off of his knees. While he scurried out of his trousers, Calum kept one hand between your bare legs, cupping your skin and rubbing it vigorously. He wanted to keep you soaked and warm for his own pleasure. From the front, he took the collar of his shirt and pulled it over his head. Instead of cupping you again, he took hold of your right shoulder with one hand and pulled your ass cheek open with the other, giving the hole he wanted so badly one last smile before you reached between yourself to pump his length, lining the tip up to the slit he had made glisten.

“Slide me in, honey.” He almost serenaded into your ear, pulling you closer to him by the shoulder.

You glided his tip up and down your slit, once, then again, before bringing him into you slowly. Inch by inch, you were going to ease him into you, but Calum had a mind of his own and fit himself in with a surprise thrust, jolting you forward and nearly bringing your head right against your dresser.

His plum-like balls slapped you at metronome as he moved in and out quickly. Every now and then, he would make one long and slow thrust into you only to pick up the pace again. Your natural ridges felt so good on him when he moved quickly. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his own rhythm as your breath began to hitch, bringing joy to his face. You weren’t loud and you weren’t quiet, no, you were just like Goldilocks, you were always just right and the sound of you losing your brought him closer to his peak. He had a hand holding your ass tightly, squeezing it every time he pushed his groin against you, while his hand slid down in front and fiddled with your bouncing breasts as best he could. He had his neck stretched and was pushing himself to get you off before himself. He could be very selfish some nights, especially when drunk, but this was all about how much he deserved you over anyone else. It was of dire importance that you cum before him. Ladies first.

“Calum?” You gasped.

“Yeah?” Without very much breath, he tried.

“You’re going to pull out, right?” He always did, but sometimes he needed prompting as there had been a couple very close calls. You just wanted to check he hadn’t lost himself in the haste of it.

“Yeah.” He nodded, his face almost against your spine, a bead of sweat falling from his dark hair and rolling down your back.

“Do you want me to swallow?” You reached between your legs and started to rub your aching nub, helping yourself to the edge.

“Whatever you want.” His answer was always ‘yes’, but this was about you. He had to keep reminded himself internally though it was hard to think of anything beyond how much he loved pounding into you, your ass underneath him like a pillow IKEA could only dream of selling.

“I want to swallow.” You moaned back without a beat.

“You got to cum first, baby.” He insisted though he hoped you would soon as he didn’t know if he really had it in himself to hold out much longer.

Carefully, you unwrapped your hands from the wood of your dresser, a red imprint from it’s edge across both your palms. Standing up straight against Calum, his hand that had been over you, wrapped around your waist. You reached around to grip his neck and pushed your burning ass into him, giving him the right push to really go into you.

“I’m there…I’m there…I’m there…” You bit your words as they forced their way out, your head falling back, flushed and spent, on his shoulder, hair glued to your cheeks and forehead, as you rushed over him. He could feel you clenching involuntarily around his shaft and he choked before pulling out of you, pushing you down by the shoulders somewhat gently.

Eyes closed, you were still recovering from your high, but you parted your lips and listened as he beat himself until he released onto your tongue, a strand of his cum running down your bottom lip and over your chin. Calum always ended with a rough grunt, a horse coming to an abrupt stop after galloping for miles.

His chest was pushing in and out, but he looked down and smiled at the sight of you with his stain on your face. It was boyish, but he instantly felt good about himself at the look of you worn out from him. He had convinced himself that he fucked Luke or any other possibility right out of your mind.

“Here.” Calum walked away, petting his soft cock and went to the linen closet for one of the hand towels you had just put away, cleaning himself off and then bringing you a blue one to wipe your face.

“It was acne cream by the way.” As you climbed up onto your feet, accepting the towel from him, you said.

“Huh?” He was still trying to catch his breath and thought, maybe, he misheard you as he bent down to step into his underwear again.

“I brought Luke acne cream. That’s how hot and heavy he and I are.” You poked fun, elbowing Calum’s chest as it fell into him and walked by him to go brush your teeth.


He really couldn’t believe it. You liked Michael. You really liked Michael. He had been a little bit worried that Ashton might woo you at some point with his goofy wit and baby face, but he had never considered Michael, his peacock hair, and crooked smile as a threat. Ever since Michael whispered to you that you were beautiful and kissed you backstage, you were refusing to sleep with Luke and it was driving him bonkers.

“Have you two boned yet?” Like a boy fresh to his teens, Luke asked without looking up from his iPad, his legs sprawled out over the hotel bed, watching you beside him, texting Michael with a grin that he hated over your face. Generally, Luke liked your smile. It had been what initially drew him over to talk to you many moons ago, but since he knew this grin was caused by his band mate, he didn’t like it. It was cauliflower and he didn’t like cauliflower. He had watched you and Michael flirt all afternoon when you went to listen to their sound check and he had half a nerve to break Michael’s arm when he hung it over your shoulder comfortably, but Luke kept himself in check.

Looking up with surprised eyes, you gave Luke a moment’s stare before returning to answer Michael over the phone.

“We haven’t even gone out yet. You know, I’m not like that.”

“You’re like that with me.” Cocky little thing, he smirked deviously and even let go of his tablet to pat himself on the back with one hand.

He wasn’t looking up, but you shot him a snarl through your eyes, not impressed. Luke was a friend, he had always been a friend, but you two couldn’t deny that you were both attracted to one another. He liked that he could have sex with you safely, knowing you wouldn’t trick him into anything or brag about it over the internet and, in return, you liked that he wasn’t just some stranger in a bar and he would always make sure that you were okay. It was safe, fun, and unfiltered which, when you two met, was perfect.

“That’s different and you know it.” You grumbled, resting your phone on your stomach and your hands over top, glancing over to see that he was reading online reviews of new music he wanted to buy.

“Why?” His focus was off of his screen now that you weren’t texting Michael. Luke leaned his head back against the headboard, resting his iPad on the nightstand beside you, and eyed you teasingly. He loved bugging you as much as he loved banging you. “Because you think I’m way better?” He bit down on his bottom lip, his black lip ring poking at you as he grinned.

“No. We just…you and I were sex and friends, Michael wants to like take me out and know me…”

Luke let go of his lip all at once, turning from you and frowning at the mini fridge that sat underneath the desk and television in front of you both. He couldn’t decide what he hated most about what you had just said. The fact that you talked about sleeping with him in past tense or that you insinuated Michael was a better person somehow. At least, that’s how Luke perceived your words.

“I would take you out.” He shrugged, telling you as if you should have just known that. You just laughed knowing full well that Luke liked that he got your milk for free, that he didn’t have to pay for two movie tickets when you two hung out and that you didn’t want to cuddle under the stars. “And I got to know you. I know your favorite color and your mom’s name…” He pointed out, trying to prove that he wasn’t just a pig, but you already knew that. “I bought you that sweater from Urban Outfitters just because.”

“It was for my birthday.” Unsure of what he was trying to get at, you reminded him.

“Yeah, but I didn’t have to buy you anything. I’m just a nice guy.”

“Luke?” Like a turtle going through molasses, he brought his eyes back to you slowly with reluctance. “Are you jealous?”

“No!!” He spat out, his lips sputtering together at the suggestion. “I’m just letting you know that you’re giving up a good thing with me just because you and Michael might have a chance.” Luke was not handling being without you at his disposal very well. It had been too many days since he had your legs spread over his face or his dick between your huckleberry pout.

“Gee, thanks for the faith. A real friend would want to see Michael and I happy.” You muttered at him, not impressed with his childish reaction to your feelings.

“No, a real friend wants you to weigh your options.” Sometimes, it was easy to forget how sly and intelligent Luke was. You could get so swept away by his talent as a musician and how sexy he simply was that you forgot he wasn’t a total knucklehead. He could convince anyone of anything and frequently did. “I mean, what if you and Michael never go out together? Or you do and it’s lame? Then you’ve just sacrificed - “


“Sacrificed,” Luke nodded and continued as if you hadn’t interrupted him. “A great thing. We have a great thing, [Y/N].”

“We did.” Using your index finger to point, you clarified.

“You know, that’s not cool, right? You just decided we were going to stop, you never talked to me about it…” Luke chattered away, shaking his head.

“Yes, that’s how consent works.”

“No goodbye sex? You know, a nice bon voyage to no strings attached… I mean, we have fucked in, like,” He held both his hands open in front of him and started to count on his fingers. “It’s got to be over thirteen Holiday Inns at this point. We deserve goodbye sex.”

“That’s not a thing, Luke.” There was birthday sex, hate sex, make up sex, and even drunk regrettable back of the Greyhound bus sex, but you had never heard of goodbye sex.

“It should be. I mean, you’re about to pursue Michael, you’re in for a road of jackhammer sex that leaves you dry as yesterday’s toast. Give yourself a proper going away party.”

“You are such a shithead.” Chuckling, you reached over and pushed his head away from you by his smiling face, your palm muffling his own cheeky laughter.

“Come on,” He rolled closer to you, lying on his side and drawing one finger down your exposed arm. “Just for old times’ sake? I promise, I won’t bug you after. Hell, I’ll even pay for yours and Michael’s first dinner together.”

You followed his finger as it ran down your arm, lingering around your elbow and going all the way to your wrist where he began to doodle mindlessly around. Your eyes left his finger and moved slightly to the side, his groin concealed by his skinny jeans, but you knew how it could spring out like a Jack in the Box, you the scared, but giggly child every time. Involuntarily, you swallowed at the memory of Luke’s chest against yours, grinding right as he deepened his exploration in you. While you did like Michael and you trusted that he was interested in you, things weren’t currently progressing. It wasn’t as if you were with them both at once, there was no overlap, no cheating.

Before you could talk yourself out of it, you curled onto your side, your phone falling right off your chest and over the bed, to close the space between yourself and Luke. Your hand was on his chest, unbuttoning his flannel shirt while you pulled in his lips with your own. If this was goodbye sex, you were going to make sure you gave him something to really miss.

His hand formerly on your arm was sliding up your thigh, pushing his palm into it while hiking your skirt up, the elastic band moving until it was over your navel and revealing your little black underwear that he knew very well. In fact, he was positive he had a pair packed in one of his suitcases. The cotton material welcomed him like an old friend as he guided his hand ever so lightly over it. He kept his other hand over your cheek, romantic even when the filthiest thoughts were staining his mind.

“Let’s top and tail.” He whispered and flattened himself out on his back, sucking in his stomach while shaking his sleeves off of his arms. Luke laid down and unbuttoned the top of his jeans and waited with his hands behind his head as you stepped out of your panties. Carefully, like many times before, you straddled his face reverse, your knees aligned with his ears and leaned forward to peel his jeans and boxer briefs down. Just as you suspected it would, his almost hard cock slapped against his stomach as you released it from it’s support. Luke already had you brought down to his face with his fingers curving into your hips. He liked to swish your taste around like mouthwash before opening his mouth wide over your pussy and taking it all in in large waves. He moved you back and forth lightly though, prompting you to do the one thing that drove him wild, and while only hollowing your cheeks for his tip, you took control and rode his face, pushing down on him and closing your thighs tight around his head. Luke couldn’t explain it, but he loved to be buried between you. It was his guiltiest pleasure and he knew that if you and Michael really took off, he would miss the warm feeling forever. The feeling was only heightened by how your one hand pumped slowly on his length while you made out with his red tip like a hormone filled preteen behind the bleachers at a pep rally.

Leaning further a little bit more, taking in more of him and beginning to really bob your head, Luke felt your butt lift from him and took it as an opportunity to reach his hands up your cheeks and poke a finger into the hole you pretended you didn’t want touch, but you gave into it just as he knew you would, shuddering above him as he lapped your slit. You didn’t scream it out like so many other girls, but he could taste you cumming, your legs shaking as they pushed into him. He smiled as he drank from you like you were pouring holy water for him.

You took the gentle pat on your ass as his way of telling you to unlock him, so you swung your leg over and let him free, his face red, but his smile that of a little boy set loose in a candy land. You continued to twist and stroke his erection into your mouth as Luke gave your round hole a few lingering pokes, feeling around and grinning to himself.

“Can I put it in there tonight?” He asked, cocking his head to the side to see a glimpse of you with his cock in your mouth. You nodded in agreement, still shaking and coming down from your first orgasm. Instantly, Luke rubbed his hands together in front of him. No matter what happened now, he would always be the first one in your ass, Michael would only ever be second and that made him feel like a King. “Sit up, hon.” He pat your behind again, scooting upward himself. He didn’t want to waste any time. You could make him cum with just your sweet mouth, but he knew where he wanted to unleash now. “No, no, stay on your knees.” He insisted, sitting up on his own and holding your hips in place so he could begin to prepare your ass. He didn’t have any lube at the ready, so he used his mouth and coated you like a wall waiting for a rainbow of paint. “Mmm, you’ve been holding out on me.” He chuckled. “Even your ass tastes good.” Luke licked his wet lips as he sat up straight. He brushed his index finger around your puckering hole a few times before working it in. He let the squeaks and whimpers you made be his guide. When you were just breathing, he pushed inward and when you made a tiny noise, he moved slower, kissing the small of your back and massaging your pussy beneath you with his other hand. “I’ll go really slow, okay?” He promised and watched the top of your head dip as you nodded. Luke removed his finger gently and then spit on his hand, covering his length with his own saliva and generously coating the tip, lining it up with the whole he had fantasized about and started to push in.

Instantly, your stomach cramped at the feeling of intrusion, but you tightly shut your eyes and tried to focus. He barely had his tip in, but he cooed a breath over you, trying to be comforting, as he moved a little more inside of you. He couldn’t help, but release sighs of pleasure. He had never felt his own hand this tight around his dick before. It really was as good as porn made it look.

“You okay?” He checked, watching your ass and trying to take photographs with his brains, his eyelids the flashing lens.

“Yeah.” Somehow, you peeped from the bottom of your throat.

He pushed more and more in, spitting on his hand again to lather up the half of his cock that was still out in the cold, anxiously awaiting to try and fit inside your ass.

“It looks as good as it feels, Hon. You’re a goddess…” He admitted, his head falling back as he worked more of himself in, inch by inch he was going to reach paradise. Counting to ten in his head, Luke had fit himself into you, well, except for one inch or so, by ten and he bucked his hips to pick up the pace. “Feel okay?” As you were moving back and forth at the command of his hips, he checked, reaching beneath you again to play with your clit between his thumb and fingers.

“Yeah, that feels good. Play with me.” You grunted. It helped distract you from adjusting for his cock, his constant rubbing on your sweet spot. It might have felt amazing for Luke back there, based on the fact that he kept moaning that it did, but you were pretty sure most of the girls you saw in porn clips were lying when they said they loved it. You didn’t hate it, but it was going to take some getting used to. You liked how cautious Luke was. His kisses along your spine as he moved into you, his constant checking in, his fingers taunting your pussy below. It was the little things that made you sort of like him being in there. Besides, you always got off on giving him what he wanted.

“I’m going to cum deep in this ass.” Between locked front teeth, Luke grumbled, bucking his hips hard into you and causing you to scrunch up your nose. You concentrated on how good he was making you clit feel, waves of promise coursing through your body, another orgasm just a few ripples away. “So deep, Michael’s going to taste me every time he kisses you.”

“Shut up.” You finally shouted. He liked to work you up, but that was unexpected. Immediately, Luke opened up his eyes.  “I don’t want to talk about Michael right now…” You panting, barely holding yourself up on your elbows.

Luke leaned over you, his chest pressed into yours, causing your arms to give out and your face to mush deeply into the mattress until you felt like you might push right through it. He grumbled loudly, a caveman call, as he released himself right where he said he would. As he came, he dug two of his fingers back into your pussy in order to bring you to the brink for a second and last time. He moved out of your ass quicker than he meant to and fell back, gasping for air. His hair was a mess as his eyes lost focus of the ceiling. You crawled off the bed and went to the washroom for a towel, tossing it onto his chest.

Once you cleaned yourself up, you came back out and lied next to him naked, laying your exhausted and salmon colored face over his bare chest. He stopped trying to fix his Treasure Troll hair and curled his arm around your back, holding you closely to his warm body.

“That was not goodbye sex.” You confirmed and looked up at him with black circles of smudged mascara around your eyes. “That was, like, let me reintroduce you to Luke Hemmings sex.” Bluntly, you stated causing you both to chuckle even though he was still breathless. Once air filled his lungs again, Luke bent down, nuzzling your nose cutely with his and nipped at your nose. He could go from a gorilla, banging into your ass, to a shy little boy stealing kisses within seconds and you weren’t sure you would ever get enough.


“Where were you?” Very confused, Michael asked as he poked his head out into the hallway at the first sound of your voice ringing like a dinner bell, saying ‘goodnight’ to someone. “I called you.”

“You called?” Turning your head around from looking over your shoulder, you asked Michael, surprise shooting open in your eyes like fireworks. He never called. It was always just a string of long texts when he had something important to say. “Was my mom looking for me?” That was the only reason you could imagine him trying to call you, if your mom, their publicist, was looking for you to help her or go to dinner.

“No, I was looking for you.” He clarified as you came closer and closer to him, your noses touching as you smiled.

“I was at a movie. What do you need me for?” Tilting your head to the side, you asked, but Michael stole a quick kiss and grinned at the taste of buttery popcorn on your lips like gloss.

“I’m horny.” As quiet as he could make himself, he whined at you, batting his lashes and then chuckling. “I was missing this…” He pulled you close by the end fabric of your t-shirt and dragged one finger down your chest.

“Ah, a booty call.” You rolled your eyes and pushed him back into his hotel room with a harsh palm to his chest. Easily, you let yourself in and shrugged as the door slammed loudly behind you both. It was midnight and you knew most of the hall would be trying to sleep as everyone needed to be up early for a day packed with interviews and press.

Michael didn’t waste any time. He was sitting on the side of his messy unmade bed, the television screaming out the news of the day, while he watched you unbutton your cardigan and then swiftly peel your tank top off, revealing a lacy bandeau in place of a bra. It was different and he liked it the look of it, very much. It was elegant, but he knew that he was about to have you in the most unladylike of positions.

“What movie did you go see?” Just to make conversation he asked as you straddled him in nothing, but your bandeau and blue jeans.

“Captain America.” Pulling his shirt off of him, you answered, smiling how his hands went to fix his hair right away once the tee was overhead. You dropped it behind him and leaned in, kissing his lips slowly, almost charming as you moved your head to the left and caressed his mouth with yours, his hands locking into yours. “It was Ashton’s choice.” You shrugged again as Michael pulled down your bandeau and began to play with the boobs he absolutely adored. He was going to bring his mouth over one when the name of the drummer registered in his mind and he looked up at you like you were growing a second head right on his lap. He was still hard underneath you, but he wished he wasn’t.

“You went to a movie with Ashton?”

He held your breasts in his hands, but he wasn’t doing anything to them now. They were just chicken cutlets in his hands as he studied your face, checking to see if you had suffered from some kind of illness earlier that made you want to go out with Ashton.

If Michael was to be completely honest with you, he had been interested in you from the moment you two met, but your mother had made it clear that you were on the tour over the summer to help her, not to date any of them, so he straddled the line and you two remained friends who happened to have really great sex together. Of course, he wanted more though, but since you never brought it up, he just played it cool. The idea of you being with Ashton made him want to curl up and feel sorry for himself. He imagined you probably had a real chance with Ashton too since he felt like your mom liked him the best out of the four musicians.

“Well, he asked me.” You looked down at your chest in his hands and then back at him, expressing your confusion just as he was. “We’re friends. I’m friends with both of you.”

“So, you mess around with him too?” Perplexed, Michael let go of your breasts and leaned back, putting all his weight and yours on his hands. He had to think about this even though he didn’t like the images that made way into his brain when he thought about you and Ashton, even if it was just you two eating popcorn in a movie theater. He wanted to take you to a movie, he wanted to accidentally brush your knuckles in the popcorn bag when reaching for a handful, he wanted to put his arm around you and seem all casual when really his insides were in knots.

“No!” Shaking your head, you shouted. “We went to a movie. Why are you upset? I would have invited you, but my mom said you were busy.”

“It’s not that.” Michael frowned, looking down at his groin, covered, but so close to yours. He wished he could just shut up and let you ride him as he initially intended, but now his mind was elsewhere. It wasn’t just about your body and his climax anymore. “It’s just, like,” His eyes drew backwards and he clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth, trying to find the right words to describe himself. “You’re my special buddy…” Not Ashton’s.

“Special buddy?!” You repeated, trying not to ‘awh’ out loud since you didn’t want to embarrass him, so instead you just mildly allowed a giggle to come out of your mouth. “Michael, did you used to get in trouble in daycare for not sharing your toys?” You put your arms around his neck and asked seriously.

His arms reached up and he drew his hands down to your shoulders before hugging your waist and poking his chin into your chest and watching you smile at him while he smiled up at you.

“You’re not a toy to me.”

“Sometimes, you treat me like one.” Laughing, you winked, sending his mind a few memories of the way he pinned your body against a hotel window nights ago or the times he pushed your knees to your chin and kept going until you actually thought you were going to go blue in the face.

“That’s because you squeak like one.” Michael could barely put into words how he loved the noises you made when he was inside you, burying himself like a woodland creature finding a perfect place to call home. He always laughed lightly at them, an amused breath, but they weren’t funny for him. They were a symphony.

“So, you’re not into Ashton?” He checked, his hands sliding back to your stomach. Michael tip-toed his fingers up to your breasts again, circling each nipple in synchronized motions.

“I’m in your room, on your lap, aren’t I?” You asked with a raise of both brows. “But you better show me why I should stay here just in case…”

You needn’t say anymore.

Michael laid back and brought you down with him. He massaged one of your breasts in his hand as his other fiddled to unzip your jeans before fishing into the silk fabric of your underwear and starting to stroke at your little pussy that he had called ‘pretty’ so many times that it didn’t even sound like a word anymore.  He ducked the top of his middle finger into you, wiggling it around and tapping on your clit with his thumb. You moved your jeans off of your hips to your knees and laid over him in your thong while kissing him vigorously, moaning as he worked you up. When you and Michael first met, you were sure he would be too fast to be any good at foreplay, but he proved you wrong right away. His fingers were practically made to protrude into you. He played you like a brass instrument and you were happy to hit all the notes he called for. The Dizzy Gillespie to your gold trumpet. Over text, you and your best girl friend had taken to call him ‘Zelda’ as he was an absolute legend, you thought.

“Tell me what you want me to do.” Because he intended to do it for you, but better than you were expecting.

“You know what I want….” Looking down at him, your hair falling into his face, you bit down right in the middle of your bottom lip and sighed. Michael was strong when he fucked you, but there was one part of him that could light your whole body on fire. He grinned back, proud of himself, and rolled you onto your back so he could slide between your legs and land his knees on the hotel floor right at the bed’s edge.

In a rush, Michael moved your jeans to your feet with one fast movement and brought his hands up your legs, hard, gripping your bones. He pulled your thong over to the side roughly, no time for petting, and rested one hand over your pussy to flick at your waiting clit while he went straight to dine on the treat that was always ready for him. As he licked up and down, long strokes with his generous tongue, he looked up and watched your head fall back, back arching and hips lifting. He smirked into your wet folds and pushed your hips down before sliding his hand up your bare stomach and reaching to put his hand over yours, squeezing your breast along with you as he ate you.

“Fuck, Michael!” You shot up as he kissed the inside of your thighs and surprised you with three fingers curling upward inside you. He had never put more than two in you and even then he was nervous, but this time, he just did it. He gave it to you and watched your reaction with pride even if it forced his nose right up against your clit. You grabbed the back of his head and pushed him into you as you grinded against his face, circular motions to make him dizzy.

“I love it, I love it, I love it…” Head falling back, you repeated over and over, gasping sharply before feeling your legs shake as you began to cum. Your toes pointed onto the ground as you bent over at the waist, your head over Mikey’s, both hands deeply massaging his sculpt. The combination of his tongue and three fingers plus that rapid thumb had your head pounding. You were positive all the blood in your body had rushed to your head.

When you slowly started to come back to life, opening up your eyes, you released Michael’s head and found his eyes twinkling as he watched you shake. He kissed your lips with just a peck, your taste instantly on your lips, and ran both hands down your arms to help you come down from such a powerful high. He was so proud of himself for getting you there, grinning from ear to ear like he had just won a Grammy or something. He stood up tall, stretching his back and letting it crack, and reached to start taking off his pants, palming himself through his underwear before taking them off. Michael came closer, reaching down to check your wetness though he really just wanted to feel again how soaked he had you, but you shook your head and panted as he brushed his fingers against your hot slit again.

“Did you seriously cum that hard?” Wide eyed, he wondered aloud. Maybe, he was more powerful than he knew.

“Well, yeah, but….” You panted and put a hand over your chest, your heartbeat still racing. “I want something else…”

“Oh yeah?” Intrigued, he growled and leaned in closer, kissing you again. “Greedy girl. What do you want?” Lifting a corner of his lips deviously, he asked.

“Face fuck me.”

Michael’s face went blank a moment. It was the last thing he had been expecting. He thought, maybe, you would want a massage or to 69, but this came right out of left field and smacked him in the face.


“Just like nobody does me like you do, I want to be the best for you…” Your eyes closed still, you moaned, rubbing your own thighs.

“Oh baby, you are. You don’t have to worry…” Michael reached around for the back of your head, grabbing it into a free messy pony and stroked his saluting member right in front of your face. You flicked the bottom of your tongue over the tip and ran it down the underside, the vein pumping against your warm tongue. You held open your mouth wide like you were waiting for a doctor to put down a tongue compressor and allowed Michael to slide his dick right in, shallow short thrusts first. He had never done this before and he feared hurting you. He had a feeling his cock was pretty thick.

Taking control, you pushed your head lower and let Michael guide you by the hair until your chin was against his balls and you started to gag. He slid out of you instantly and started down, watching you drool just a little bit and checking that you were okay. As he looked down, he saw his cock was literally shining from your saliva, it was dripping off of his shaft like slow rain. Michael was positive that his dick had never been so wet before.

“Baby, I’m okay.” Catching you breath, you assured him as you wiped your chin on your wrist and then reached around to feel his bum, giving it a cute squeeze. “I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t like it. I love swallowing you….”

“Really?” Michael squinted down at you, once again, surprised. He thought he had figured you out, but he was beginning to realize there was much more learning to do.

“You taste like heaven.” Sincerely, you answered and went right back to sucking on him, his head falling back as his eyes rolled around like dice in a Yahtzee cup.

“Well, I’ll give you anything you want, hun.” He didn’t mean it sexually, while there were undertones. Michael really would do what it took to make you happy. As you laid back, still stroking him between your two hands, he laid over you, holding himself up on his upper arms and fucked your face properly, getting off on your little whimpers around his dick and the feeling of your hydrating mouth. He had completely forgotten about your movie date with Ashton. He was convinced now that you were entirely his. Addicted to him for better or for worse.


It had been a mistake. You weren’t thinking straight. How could you when you were surrounded by screaming girls and you couldn’t see a clear exit out of flailing limbs and ill-fitted crop tops? A fan asked you amongst the chaos and noise, who you thought was the cutest in the band and you said Calum. It just came out of your mouth as you were searching for a way out, but of course, Twitter exploded that you found Calum more attractive than your own boyfriend.

At first, you thought Ashton was just feigning being hurt, but his tense mood carried over after the concert. He had it in his mind that he would drive you crazy. He would be cold and have you willing to do anything to make it up to him, but he played the whole thing out too long and now you were angry at him and wanted to torture him.

On the couch in the back of the bus where the guys usually played video games, you were sitting close to Ashton, mindlessly playing with his hair like a kitten with a ball of yarn while he kissed your neck soothingly, trying to leave a mark.

“Sorry. I hope it’s okay I’m not Calum….” He broke to breath, looking up at you with a fake pout and watching for you to roll your eyes which you did as soon as he spoke.

“I apologized nearly a dozen times, okay? Drop it.” You grumbled and left his hair, crossing your arms as you scooted away. “Obviously, I find you attractive, okay? I was being mobbed, you know what that’s like…” Looking out the window in a small effort to ignore Ashton, you explained.

“I’m just teasing.” Ashton walked his fingers up your back, feeling that you had gone cold since he made another Calum joke. He wasn’t going to tell you out loud that it had bothered him at first. He was good at keeping his feelings to himself. As the day went on, he got over it since he knew that you were loyal to him, but the seed had been planted. He watched the few exchanges you had with Calum and wondered if you ever thought about him when you were with Ashton, if you ever wondered what things would be like if you were with the Scottish-Kiwi over him. “Come here. Perk up, buttercup.” He kissed the nape of your neck, brushing your hair over your shoulder and lining smooches downwards, moving the fabric of the top of your dress to kiss between the blades of your shoulders.

“You know I would have said you if I wasn’t surrounded, right?” You turned your head slightly and asked, but Ashton didn’t say a word. He just kissed your shoulders, one after the other. “Answer me.” You pleaded.

“It’s fine, [Y/N].  Let’s drop it.” He really didn’t want to think about it anymore. It was in the past where it could not be changed.

“No.” You spun around, knees knocking his. Your eyes grew large as you laced your fingers around five of his fingers. “I want to show you how it’s only you…always only you.” Ashton perked up at your words, stroking his chin with his empty hand. You were biting on your lip and slowly let go of his hand as you stood up and reached behind yourself to unzip your dress. The black fabric loosened on your sides and the whole piece slipped off you like it had just been a bed sheet. Ashton watched it hit the floor and then engulfed your naked body with his eyes.

“Oh, I like this.” He nodded, rubbing his hands over his knees and swallowing while he awaited more.

You ran your fingers along your hips, under the black strings of your underwear and then turned around and squeezed your bum, giving him the view he liked as he always watched you fix your swimsuit in the bathroom mirror before you two hit hotel pools or the beach back in Australia.

Ashton reached out to touch your behind himself,  but you turned around again and sat down on the floor in front of him, your ankles poking into your butt as you reached up and started to palm him through his sweatpants. Ashton shivered at your touch, sitting up quickly and helping you with the zipper. He would never force you into anything you didn’t want to do, but if you were interested, he and his penis were more than happy to volunteer themselves.

When you started to pull his jeans down by their waistband, he lifted his hips up off the couch and helped you shimmied them down. You felt his growing length through his boxer briefs, the outline clear, and kissed it through the material even including the balls, smiling as he shuddered at the feeling. Ashton reached into his underwear to pull himself out for you, but you stood up onto your feet and began to lowered yourself over him, so he took his hand right out and let it sit on your hip along with the other. Slowly, you rode over his covered cock with your own covered slit, pressing all your weight onto him. It was teasing at it’s highest level and it worked Ashton up as if he was actually inside you, wet, warm, and contained. His head fell back, but he kept his eyes on you as he sighed constantly, low moans of pleasure building their way out of his mouth. Sometimes, he just watched the determination in your eyes as you moved your hips at an easy pace, but then he would stare down where your hips connected, watching the fabric of your thong slip and slide against the thin material of his underwear that he swore he was about to burst out of.

Ashton became extra excited as you started to slide off of him again. He adjusted the waist band of his underwear, but you turned around and sat on his lap again, bending down to hold the floor with your palms, sliding your exposed ass against him and making him squeak as all his breathed hitched in his throat. He turned red with embarrassment, but reached out to hold your ass with both hands, smacking it hard one cheek after the other.

“I’m going to blow.” Ashton couldn’t believe he was saying that when his dick hadn’t even been in any part of you. You had teased him to the brink of painting the walls with a coat of his load.

“Hold on, Ash…” You motioned yourself lower and lower until you were on your knees again.

Taking the waistband of his underwear in your teeth, you slowly pulled down his underwear and unleashed his dark red cock, hungry for a release and more stimulation. He couldn’t believe how worked up you had him. You truly were a minx and he truly was the luckiest guy in the band. He knew it to be true. You brought your mouth as close as you could to the head of his cock without touching it and gave it a cold blow of air before standing up again, listening to Ashton whine in pain at the unexpected sensation. You licked your hand and then started to pump his dick, slowly, and lowered yourself over him.

“No, no, no, hold on, I’m going to cum!” He was so pent up that being inside of you for a second was too much. He panicked and his hands raced off of you to let you jump off of him, but you just started to ride him hard. “Babe, I’m going to cum in you…” He couldn’t hold out and you two had always practiced the pull out method just to be safe.

“Good. Make me yours.” You spoke against his lips and nibbled on to his pout as he grunted, holding you down on him with his arm tightly wrapped around your waist. You could feel him explode like a canyon inside of you, filling you up. There was no room for any other guy in your life and he loved that he was the first guy to be inside you like that.

“You’re incredible.” He exhaled, knocking his head into your bare chest and trying to catch his breath. “Give me a minute…” His soft cock pulled out of you as he helped you off of his lap. “We’ll go again and I’m going to fuck you hard up against that window…”He nodded to the side with his head, holding a hand over his heart. You were completely forgiven now for your slip up earlier. The past was nowhere near as good as the present and the future.